Vacuum repair

Do you have a problem with your vacuum cleaner? Maybe it is broken and you don’t want to replace it with another? Whatever the case, if you are located in Tacoma, WA, Mr. TV and Appliance is the company you should turn to. We work with all brands on the market and provide a quick and efficient vacuum repair service. We can offer you the qualified and professional service that you really need.

Do not hesitate to call us when something in your home gets broken. Be it a vacuum cleaner or anything else, the appliance repair service that we offer will satisfy your needs. Vacuum cleaners look like a simple device, but appearances can be deceiving. Much like any other electrical device, the repair of a vacuum cleaner can be pretty tricky. Different parts fit different models and this could prove to be inconvenient. Fortunately for you, Mr. TV and Appliance is a company that works with every brand on the market. We will fix your problem, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, without compromising your warranty.

Vacuum repairDepending on your problem, we can provide you with repairs at home, or you can bring your vacuum cleaner to our service base. We will make sure you’re satisfied with our work and the affordability of our service. Our professionals will determine the reason for the malfunction of your device and make sure it is fixed and back to it’s proper functioning.

Unlike the competition in the area, we provide a reliable vacuum repair service in a timely manner, regardless of the devices make and model of the device. Our service also includes repairs for all types of appliance. Whether it is washing machines, ovens, a refrigerator or a computer repair, we have the means and knowledge to fix it.

If you are in the region of Tacoma, WA and you need a TV, appliance or computer repair, contact Mr. TV and Appliance on (253) 274-4795. We are licensed, qualified and professional, and we will be knocking on your door before you know it!